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Would you love to trade in your single life for the diamond ring? Learn how you can avoid the pitfalls of online dating and start planning your wedding.

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    Myths About Online Dating

    Isn’t Online Dating Only for Hookups? Is There a Stigma with Online Dating? Is online dating safe? What is the magic number? In this book, I answer all the mainstream myths about online dating and you will be able to tell whether online dating is for you.

    Date the Right Man

    Which dating app to avoid and which to download for maximum success? What is the best way to create a fantastic online profile to attract your Mr. Right? This book points you to the right app and put up your right profile so your dream match will easily find you. It also shows you the surprising method to hook him within the first three dates (NOT what you think).

    Forge Enduring Bond

    Is your date interested in you in a serious way? How do you determine if he should be one of the right candidates to be your amazing boyfriend? If so, how much should you involve him in your life? This book is your straight-to-the-point manual for navigating the murky waters of e-lationships. Using relatable examples and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll start by downloading the right app and end by sweeping down the aisle to say, “I do.”